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Individual Tax Return

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Individual Tax Return

Tolton & Co are here to help you with your individual tax return, from preparing your individual tax return, to offering appropriate tax advice and planning suggestions.

Annual income tax returns for salary & wage earners

We will endeavour to get the best outcome for your tax return by accessing all benefits and deductions to which you are entitled, while ensuring that you remain fully compliant with the law. Our services include utilising rollovers and exemptions to minimise Capital Gains Tax on real estate, shares, managed funds or other investments; preparation of Rental Statement for investment properties including depreciation.

Tax Estimate

We will provide an estimate of your tax refund or tax payable. Once the Notice of Assessment is received from the Tax Office, we follow up this service by matching the assessment against the estimate and investigating any discrepancies.

Electronic Lodgement

The electronic lodgement service which we offer provides most refunds within 14 working days.


Where income or deductions have not been included on a tax return which has already been lodged, we will prepare an amendment to the tax return.

Reporting Obligations

To avoid the risk of a fine from the Tax Office, we notify them on your behalf if you do not need to do a tax return for a particular year. If you are not sure whether your tax reporting obligations have been met, we can check your tax records to ensure that you do not have any outstanding years to lodge, and where necessary we will prepare that year’s return.